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Azure SQL Managed Instance

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Azure Cloud SQL

What is Azure Managed SQL Instance?

Azure  managed SQL Instance is a intelligent & scalable cloud database service. It is fully comparable with the latest MS SQL Server database engine. However, Azure Cloud service enables you to build a native virtual network, that is identical to on-premises deployments. Furthermore,  customers who want to migrate a large number of apps from an on-premises or IaaS, self-built, or ISV-provided environment to a fully managed PaaS cloud environment with as little work as possible should use Azure SQL Managed Instance.



Modernize your SQL Server applications to the cloud with ease and at your own pace

Linked Servers

Linked servers allow you to retrieve data from external sources and run commands from your database instance for those sources. Many API data sources, such as Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft Access, and Excel. Furthermore, link servers configure with this feature.

Database Mail

Database Mail is an Azure SQL managed instance functionality that allows you to send e-mail messages.  In addition ,you can use it to convey query results, inform users when processes are complete, and attach files from any in-network resource consequently database Mail additionally keeps a list of file extensions that aren’t allowed.

Service Broker

The Service Broker feature supports asynchronous messaging and queuing. It can be used to create distributed applications and allow data to flow between databases. When using the Service Broker, you can simply distribute workloads across databases.

Azure Managed SQL Instance

  • Always operate on the latest version of SQL.

  • Fully managed and optimized for database administrator productivity.

  • Fully isolate and secure your data.

  • Maintain SQL Server application compatibility.

  • Remediate potential threats in real-time with intelligent threat protection and proactive vulnerability assessment alerts.

Why Choose E-Yantra?

Discount on Subscription

We can offer discounts on the specified Azure or AWS subscription prices depending on the necessary solution that will enable your company to save money.

Save Money

We understand the importance of cost-efficiency. E-Yantra is committed to helping your business save money while enjoying the benefits of Managed SQL Instance. Our expert solutions and strategies will optimize your investments and minimize unnecessary expenses.

Secure Your Data

Data security is paramount. E-Yantra will work closely with you to ensure your Managed SQL Cloud environment is fortified against threats, providing you with peace of mind that your business-critical information is safeguarded.

24x7 Tech Support

Eyantra offers a Powerfull suport for Cloud services. Our Certified Enginner will always keep their eye on the performance of your Managed SQL Server.

Stay Updated

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying up-to-date is crucial. E-Yantra ensures that your Managed SQL environment is constantly updated with the latest features and security patches.

Data Safety

Data safety is a very important . It refers to the protection of data from unauthorized access, corruption, theft, or loss.Our Support team will Update you related to the data safety time to time

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Which SQL Server is best for me on Azure ?
The Azure Hybrid Benefit is a pricing benefit for customers who have Microsoft SQL & Windows licenses with SA. This helps you get the most out of your existing Win Server and SQL licences. Customers that qualify can save up to 55% on Azure Virtual Machines and SQL Database.
What is Azure Hybrid Benefit ?

The Azure Hybrid Benefit is a pricing benefit for customers who have Microsoft SQL & Windows licenses with Software Assurance, which helps maximise the value of existing on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server license investments when migrating to Azure.  In short ,eligible customers can save up to 40 percent* on Azure Virtual Machines (infrastructure as a service or IaaS) and save up to 55 percent on Azure SQL Database (platform as a service or PaaS) and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS).

How Azure will help in Modernizing my Application and Database ?

Using Azure App or Cloud Service you may update your .NET or Java applications. Azure PaaS include built-in security, patching, high availability, and autoscaling. In addition, you can use container for your .NET and Java applications and run them in Azure Container Service (AKS) without any coding. Modernize your databases by using Azure managed databases such as Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instances.

How do I Get Free demo or Proof of Concept ?

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