5 Points to choose Microsoft Azure

Digital Transformation makes the Company’s Journey to the cloud become necessity . Public & Hybrid cloud is performing a significant role in their growth. More than 65 million SMBs in India are undergoing digital transformation and rapidly adopting cloud services. Microsoft Azure is growing rapidly in India  due to its some  uniqueness  which are adding some extra value in customers business. Here are the 5 Points to choose Microsoft Azure are as follows:



Information Security is always challenge for all organization where Azure offering some of the great security mechanism in cloud industry with general cloud workload protection like SDL (Security Development Lifecycle). SDL is Industry’s leading security process on which Azure has  designed. Azure also offers inbuilt threat detection technique like Azure AD, Azure Log Analytics & Azure security Centre which is gives some extra power to Azure. 



Azure has hybrid capabilities which makes it unique and stands as odd one in front of many popular cloud service providers.  It facilitates easy mobility and a reliable consistent platform between on-premises and public Cloud to the Azure Users. 




 Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On allows users to sign in their application including office 365 with single User id and Password. Users get automatically sign in when they are on their corporate devices connected to corporate network.  Azure offers secure IAM capabilities with Azure Active Directory service to enable right users to access the right information. With Azure, Enterprises can adopt mature IAM capabilities to reduce identity management costs and become more agile, thus supporting innovative business initiatives.




SQL users benefit from numerous benefits provided by Microsoft Azure. One of them is SQL Server Analysis Services, which allows any business user to examine corporate data. This Analysis Services is a decision assistance and business analytics analytical data engine. It offers enterprise-grade semantic data models for use in business reporting and client applications. It is important for modern data-driven enterprises to enable access to business data to all stakeholders rather than just IT specialists. SQL Server Analysis Services provide the availability of fingerprint information and the guidance of users in day-to-day decisions.



  One of the most significant features of Azure is the . Net programming language, which gives Microsoft a clear advantage over the competition. It has been optimised to work reliably with both old and new apps created using the .Net Framework for internet programming. However, compared to others, corporations find it lot easier and more straightforward to migrate their Windows software to Azure Cloud. 


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