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The Power of Tally on Azure Cloud 

Even though the Tally ERP software is very flexible and scalable, companies are facing various hindrances while using Tally over a Wide Area Network. It is difficult to manage connectivity between multiple locations. What if you had a way to combine the power of simplicity that Tally offers along with anytime, anywhere data access from a secure and powerful cloud platform. With Azure Cloud, you can use your favourite software from anywhere and connect with multiple teams in real time. Microsoft Azure Cloud provides the flexibility to use Tally over the cloud and access the software from anywhere and on any device, if given the permission. With your Tally accounting software hosted on Microsoft Azure you can enjoy the following benefits: Access anywhere, Access anytime, Access from any device, Real-time data, generate and print any report 24X7 & Ultimate security.

Access from anywhere/ any device


Highly Secure & Scalable

Speed & Reliability

Secured Tally Data


5 steps of Tally on Azure Cloud Implementation.

Tally On Azure 

1st Step

Understand the current on-premises Tally setup and  find out Tally data migration requirement and understand access Strategy..

2nd Step

Now we will design Tally on cloud infrastructure where we  determine license requirements, documenting the migration plan, Providing the cloud consumption estimate and then will do  testing and pilot planning.

3rd Step

 Creation of Azure subscription and admin account and then deployment of network and firewall configuration , Creation of VM and Azure storage, Installation of Tally application on Azure VM,  Creating site to site and point to site VPN tunnels , Configuring remote desktop services , Configuration of Backup, Automating VM active hours etc.

4th Step

We have to start Pilot data migration via Azure blob storage  and  Provide testing environment.

Step 5

Finalize Tally data and communicate users  and  migrate the finalized data to cloud server then do  training and transfer of Knowledge to the users.


 Estimate the costs for Tally on Azure Cloud

Intel Xeon 1 vCPU(s), 3.5 GB RAM, Managed 64 GB SSD OS disks, 64 GB HDD Data Disk, 25 GB Bandwidth, 208 Hrs.  incremental  data Backup on Cloud.

Recommended for 2-3 Tally users

Estimated rental will be Rs.3000 per month.

Intel Xeon 2 vCPU(s), 8 GB RAM, Managed 64 GB SSD OS disks, 128 GB HDD Data Disk, 50 GB Bandwidth, 208hrs. incremental data Backup on Cloud.

Recommended for 5-6 Tally users

Estimated rental will be Rs.5000 per month.


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