Improve Your Profits With Effortless Analytics

MagentaBi is a Business Intelligence platform, especially for Distributors & Traders in SMEs, which identifies Gaps & Opportunities in Sales, Purchases, Inventory, and Payments [SPIP] by integrating with ERPs like Tally, Busy, SAP B1. etc.

Ability Of Identifying Gaps In SPIP (Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Payments)


Tracking And Visibility Of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)


Actionable Insights On KRAs (Key Responsibility Areas)


How MagentaBi Will Help You Grow?

MagentaBi offers Faster Reporting, Better Decision Making, Quicker Gap Recognition, Accurate Forecasts, Higher control, and Actionable Insights.

Snap View

Macro and Micro view of the key performance indicators of your overall business through Business intelligence platform.

Item View

Control Center for your Inventory Related Insights.

Map View

Bird’s Eye View of Sales Performance on an interactive map.

Sales View

Total Visibility on sales performance, O/s payments & Target Achievement of any customer or group.

Payment View

Helping you keep track of all customer and vendor interactions for payments with ongoing payment trends and ratings.

Scheme And Target Management

A tool designed to help you seamlessly maintain & review all vendor and customer-related schemes and targets.


We Work Where You Work

We understand that it is very difficult for your business to implement a change in your accounting software. So, we take that extra effort to have the connectors ready for your ERP [like Tally, SAP B1, Busy, and many more] to start making data-driven decisions through MagentaBi without breaking a sweat.

Tally On Azure
Connect To Any Data

Data connectors pull data in real time from a variety of databases.

Apply Analytics

Handle large-scale data and optimized for speed & volume handling Business intelligence platform.

Visualize In Real Time

Visualize data & insights in intuitive and interactive dashboards.

Consume Everywhere

Custom visuals across desktop, tablets & other mobile devices.

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