Annual maintenance contract services

Being an electronic product every computer needs timely service to function properly. Most of the valuable data are present on your computer, So preventive measure save from risk bearing. With the help of Annual maintenance contract services, it is possible to predict and identify parts which are on the verge of collapse.

we offer 1-year contract for maintenance of computer, which can be extended to 3 & 5 years on mutual understanding of both the parties.

We offer AMC support in our service area. Most important we guarantee our work with the help of experienced support staff.

The Benefit of Computer AMC with Eyantra?

•             Attend your faulty computer in the shortest possible time, usually the same day.

•             Repair/replace the defective components (at our cost for comprehensive warranty).

•             Do preventive maintenance of your computer every month.

•             Optimise the settings so that they work efficiently.

•             Check for virus, once every month.

•             Make sure you can connect to your network flawlessly.

What’s included in an Annual Maintenance Agreement?

•             Preventative maintenance and optimization services every 3 months (4visit/year).

•             We will clean up your computer(s), removing any spyware, adware, malware, viruses, and general computer “clutter” that accumulates over time and slows down your system’s performance.

•             Since dust accumulates inside your system (preventing critical components from cooling properly), we physically clean your system as well.

•             We will update all operating system and program files, and optimize your system for best possible performance. 

•             We will back up your files and data per a pre-arranged backup protocol or verify that your backup systems are functioning properly.

We offer three types of maintenance Contract:-

1.            Standard – We provide quarterly preventive & maintenance service 4 times a year.

2.            Premium – We provide service as and when required and you pay the repair/replacement cost only.

3.            Platinum – We provide service as and when required. Replacement of parts included.


Facility Management Services

With aim to provide tailor made IT support service eyantra provide you option of Facility management service. Eyantra will Provide One person for IT support who will be responsible for whole IT related issue (under AMC).

1- Half Day Engineer. (Daily 4Hours Visit).

2- Full Day Engineer. (Daily 8Hours Visit).