Rising of fake news on Internet

Rising of fake news on Internet.

The fake news became the biggest internet problem, not only in India across the globe. The forwarded fake message “like need help for a child suffering from cancer”, “child Kidnapped” or UFO seen etc. etc.  became new variant of yellow journalism.  These type of forwarded or shared fake message clearly indicating that the new variant of Yellow journalism is over showered by fake news. One side the technology is making the life easier and another side its crating new challenges for civil society. Fake news maker design the news or blog in such a way that the article rise to the top of social networking site and you may be influenced by the fake news without even knowing it. Anybody can manipulate any Picture.  Anybody can upload any kind of news without verification. The nature of these fake news is not only politics it touching all subject. The biggest name of the Internet world are working to stamp out but helpless in front of the new variant of Yellow journalism.

Facebook  most likely the biggest engine of fake news distribution. Facebook invested million dollars for developing the mechanism to stop fake news. Facebook has banned many untrustworthy media but powerless in front of people sharing.

Tweeter is thinking about a button, which would be enable eagle eye users to tag the fake news or article but help less in front of propaganda merchant.

Google is actively identifying and banning site which manage to slip fake news in to search result, but this is a cat and mouse game.

If you find something seems suspicious and can’t verify the truth, there are several website that are dedicated to investigate the fake news like factcheck.org or www.wikitribune.com or can send to some news channel like ABP news’s Viral Sach.